Story Before Product

Over the course of Thrivent's history, we realized something central to our organization’s mission: story is key. When people hear our story, they hear tales of fellowship—of neighbors helping neighbors, towns banding together to raise communities, strangers donating time and money to relieve one another’s burdens.

Simply put... they hear hope.

So we put it first and foremost in everything we do. Because, telling Thrivent’s story is not a sales pitch. It’s an invitation. We understand that, at the end of the day, there are plenty of companies out there, offering products to fill your client's surface-level needs. But we're looking deeper, and Christians resonate with that.

So let's talk about you.

We recognize that this way of doing business isn't for everyone. And that's okay! Because we're looking for partners who aren't satisfied with the status quo—partners who want to be more for their Christian clients.

That means, if our mission appeals to you, whether you're an independent financial representative, broker dealer, broker general agent, or financial institution, we're ready to bring the strength and stability of Thrivent to your clients.

You're independent for a reason, but families are made of all different types of people...You don't have to sacrifice your identity to be a part of ours.

Stronger Together

A seat at the table

When your clients own Thrivent insurance products, they become a member of Thrivent. That's because Thrivent is a fraternal benefit society — governed by its members.

A piece of the pie

Through voting, board elections and involvement in their regional member networks, your clients can have a say in how the organization operates. They can even take on leadership positions to expand their impact in the community.

And more than enough to go around

On years when the surplus allows, owners of eligible insurance products receive dividends. While dividends are not guaranteed, we have been able to distribute them for the past 115 consecutive years.

When it comes to helping clients find financial clarity so they can live lives full of meaning and gratitude, Thrivent is guiding the way.

Our History: More than a Century of Serving Christians

A lot has happened over the years, but you can still count on Thrivent to continue helping Christians build solid financial futures and strengthen their communities.


How it all started.
In the early 1900s, people had no safety net, so an accident or other misfortune could destroy an entire family's welfare. Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood, two fraternal organizations begin to offer insurance to their members and the churches they belong to.


When two becomes one.
Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood merge to become Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, which becomes a not-for-profit Fortune 500 and the nation's largest fraternal benefit society.


All Christians are welcomed.
Members vote to extend the common fraternal bond from Lutherans to all Christians, more than 225 million of them. The mission remains the same: to help people be wise with money and live generously.


New direction, new name.
To reflect the inclusion of all Christians in the common bond, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans rebrands to Thrivent Financial. In 2018, the decision is made to operate under the marketing name of Thrivent.


More ways to provide protection.
Thrivent begins to provide financial institutions, broker dealers, broker general agents and independent financial representatives the opportunity to market select Thrivent products and offer Thrivent membership to their Christian clients.

Mission-driven, Membership-owned

At Thrivent, our mission to help members be wise with money and live generously guides us in all we do.

Our organization

is what's known as a fraternal benefit society. We are owned by our members who share a common bond of Christianity.

Our products help members pursue their goals, protect their families, and align their finances with their Christian faith.

Our strength is a reflection of our focus on people, not profits.

Our members

believe that all they have is a gift from god. This belief drives them to be wise stewards of their time, talents and treasures.

Our vision is a world where Christians are living more content, confident and generous lives.

Our mission is strengthened by members' commitments to guide one another and support their communities.

Annual Report

Discover Thrivent's year in review. Find out the impact members have made in communities, our ratings, company updates and why it’s important to consider as your clients make financial decisions.

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Quarterly Magazine

Thrivent magazine can help your clients along the way. Each quarter, they'll get tips, advice from experts and stories about how members are making a difference.

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Christianity Is Our Member's Common Bond

We welcome new members who support The Thrivent Way and:

Are Christians seeking to live out their faith

Are spouses of Christians who seek to live out their faith

Are youths being raised in the Christian faith

Members embrace the core Christian beliefs as stated in the Apostles' Creed.