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Members Saw Others in Need—and Responded

Apr 2, 2018

Your generosity made a profound difference

Following the damage and devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Thrivent members, family and friends responded – with open hearts and helping hands. The impact of their combined generosity was remarkable.

Together with our members and others across the country, Thrivent raised and donated more than $11.7 million and volunteered 136,248 hours to help those whose lives and livelihoods were impacted by the 2017 hurricanes.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • More than 10,500 individuals personally donated $2.97 million to hurricane relief.
  • Their donations were doubled with a $2.97 million match from Thrivent.

Thrivent members also:

  • Directed more than $1.13 million to nonprofit organizations through the Thrivent Choice® charitable grant program.
    • Led 1,200 Thrivent Action Teams, which raised more than $1.64 million and racked up 136,248 volunteer hours.

In addition, Thrivent donated $3 million to Habitat for Humanity to assist with the rebuilding efforts. These acts demonstrate the desire and ability of Thrivent members to partner together to help those in need.

Thank you to everyone for your gifts of time and financial resources when they were needed most.

Continued hurricane recovery efforts Through our long-standing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Thrivent will support members and others who travel to the affected areas to volunteer with Habitat alongside families in need of assistance.

Initiative:Thrivent anticipates partnering with Habitat to send short-term volunteer teams to hurricane-impacted areas.

Get involved: You can participate in the long-term rebuilding efforts in hurricane-impacted communities. Find out how you can help.

Initiative: Lead a Thrivent Action Team

Get involved: Thrivent members can apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team to raise funds for those affected by the hurricanes. Need some inspiration? Check out these Thrivent Action Team ideas (PDF).


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