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Spreading Hope Through Generosity™

Jul 14, 2017

When you work with us, it’s because we value the same things. We recognize that there are people in need across the globe and value every opportunity to do something about it. Through member benefit programs, Thrivent Financial is able to help our members have an impact, globally and locally, on the causes about which they care the most. At Thrivent Independent, however, there is another group of people we want to aid in making positive change in their communities—our distribution partners. This is how Spreading Hope Through Generosity™ was born.

Spreading Hope Through Generosity™ is a program we developed to aid in charitable activities chosen by our distribution partners, supporting local causes near to their hearts. It is important to us to be able to involve our partners in Thrivent’s mission, giving them a look inside some of the opportunities afforded members through their benefits. We hope to arm them with the knowledge of how it feels to run Thrivent Action Teams, participate in Habitat for Humanity Builds and sponsor/donate to causes they feel will best benefit their communities. They can then impart this knowledge onto their clients with Thrivent memberships, encouraging them to be engaged in the programs.

So far we have held six of these events with our partners, each one as unique as the communities they benefitted. In May 2016, we headed to Clearwater, Florida to conduct a food drive. The drive benefitted HEP (Homelessness Empowerment Program)1, a group that has been a lifeline for families, veterans, and individuals in need of homelessness support services since 1986. We were glad to receive over a ton in non-perishable donations and enjoyed a celebratory barbecue with the partner’s employees. This first event went so well, we were pleased to organize with this partner again come September for a school supplies drive.

Our next event took us to Fort Wayne, IN to sponsor a partner’s Women Build with Habitat for Humanity. In typical Habitat for Humanity fashion, the goal was building strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter. The atypical nature of this build (as you may have guessed) was that the team was made up of all female volunteer teams—encouraging women to get involved in construction, learning and growing with one another as they made something truly special for someone in need.

Another remarkable event came out of a trip up to Bozeman, MT. There, we and another partner split our efforts between two related causes: coordinating a food drive for Gallatin Valley Food Bank1 and donating supplies and a sponsorship to Community Café. Community Café is a “pay-what-you-can” restaurant where those who do pay for their meals are paying it forward to help those who can’t pay still eat. We were proud to work a night there, volunteering to help prepare the food and serve 178 café patrons.

Those are just a few highlights of our Spreading Hope Through Generosity™ program. We are thrilled to be in the process of developing more events with our current partners and can’t wait to see what types of ideas our future partners will bring to the table. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll be coming to a city near you, helping you and your company, pushing the envelope of what it means to live generously.


When you work with us, it’s because we value the same things.

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