Independent Update


Jun 19, 2017

Thank you for visiting us here at Thrivent Independent. We’re going to go ahead and assume you’re here as either a current or prospective partner of ours. Don’t worry! We’ve got something for both.


We appreciate your interest in working with Thrivent. You could be anywhere on the web right now, connecting with other financial services organizations out there… but you’re here. And we think we know why.

Thrivent Independent works for you.

We respect your need to control your own destiny, carrying only products that will help both you and your clients achieve your financial goals, and we want to support you in that effort. With our Medicare Supplement Insurance currently on the market and our Life Insurance and Annuities on the way, we’ve got an aggressive strategy to bring the strength and success of Thrivent Financial to your business.

Moreover, we’ve got a unique way of doing business in the financial services industry. We put emphasis on the importance of balancing wise financial decisions and generosity, because helping Christians protect their families and expand their impact on their communities is our passion. It’s what we’ve done for over a century and what we want to help you do for centuries to come.

Now, we’d love to help you along the path toward working with Thrivent, but we can’t do that without some information from you. Click here to learn more about Thrivent and get in contact with the members of our team who can guide you in the journey to what will be a powerful partnership.


If you’re an Independent Advisor or employee of one of the Broker Dealers, Broker General Agents, or Financial Institutions we currently partner with, we’ve got a whole lot in store for you very soon. In the coming months, there will be a new section added to this site where you can log in and access a wealth of information to aid you in the sale of Thrivent Financial products and engagement of your clients in their Thrivent member benefits. So hold tight! We’ll be updating you with account information before you know it.


Thrivent Independent works for you.

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