Member Benefits & Activities

When your clients purchase our products...

they become a member of Thrivent Financial and gain access to some pretty amazing benefits that allow them to:

Strengthen communities

Be wise with money

Live generously

To learn more about Thrivent Action Teams, Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Choice®, click here.

Save Money with Discounts and Special Rates

Identity Monitoring

Now there's a way to help detect identity theft with either a free (for two years) or discounted identity monitoring plan provided by Experian®, a leading full-service provider of identity theft monitoring, detection and fraud resolution.4

Thrivent Builds Worldwide Trips

Through Thrivent Financial’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity, eligible members receive special pricing on trips to work with others to build affordable homes for families in need around the world.

Health Discounts

Thrivent members can take advantage of a package of discounts on selected health services.1

Heartwood® Conference Center & Retreat

Heartwood is located in western Wisconsin and is a property of Thrivent. It's the perfect spot for meetings, retreats, family reunions, celebrations, weddings, vacations and more at reduced rates.

Thrivent Financial Credit Union

As a member of Thrivent, your clients are eligible to apply for membership at Thrivent Federal Credit Union, one of the largest faith-based credit unions in the country. Learn more about the products and services available at

We help your clients consider the impact of finances on their future, guiding them through their story and the steps to leaving a legacy for their family.

Learn and Grow with Educational Resources

Thrivent Magazine

Our quarterly magazine provides your clients with resources, advice and stories that help them to be wise with money, live generously, and be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Your Will and Estate Planning Guide

This online resource helps your clients gather the information they need to have their will created or updated, including editable forms that they can complete online.

Independent Living

Independent Living provides access to an online resource to help support independence for your client and their loved one. It brings together personalized advice, local service providers, ways to stay connected to family and caregivers, and more.5

Step by Step: Your Guide to Making Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies

This book provides helpful information about tasks that must be done following the death of a loved one, such as making funeral arrangements, handling financial matters, and settling the estate.

In 2016, more than 28,000 churches benefitted from Thrivent's generosity and educational resources.

Benefit from Additional Financial Support

Uninsurable Child Life Insurance Benefit

Provides life insurance coverage to eligible children under the age of 16 who are not insurable.6

Newborn Death Benefit

Provides a charitable grant of $5,000 to help eligible members ease the financial and emotional burdens of losing an infant.2

Legacy Support for Orphan Children Benefit

Provides charitable grants of $2,400 per year to eligible orphaned children until they reach age 19. The charitable grants continue when the child attends college full time, until age 23.7

Membership benefits are not guaranteed contractual benefits. The interpretation of the provisions of these benefits is at the sole discretion of Thrivent Financial. These benefits are reviewed and evaluated regularly. Thrivent Financial reserves the right to change, modify, discontinue, or refuse to provide any of the membership benefits or any part of them, at any time.

No one should purchase or keep any insurance or annuity products to be eligible for these nonguaranteed membership activities and benefits. A client should only purchase and keep insurance and annuity products that best meet the financial security needs of the client and his or her family. Each client should consider the cost, features and benefits of specific insurance and/or annuity products.